Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t remember my username and/or password. What should I do?

When attempting to login to Client Creator, click the ‘forgot password’ option. We will send you a reset option.

Your username will be the original email you used when signing up with the system.

This can be changed in the account options along with the password. If you are still having issues, please reach out to and we will be happy to assist.

Q. How do you use my budget in Google?

We create specific marketing keywords dedicated to your brand and location.

Each city you list we incorporate into the SEO advertisements within a 5–10-mile radius unless specified by realtor. Whatever your budget is, we split up for the month throughout each week.

Example: 100/month is divided into 25/week with a duration of days.

Q. I haven’t gotten any leads at all, or in a long time. Is there something wrong?


  • Your credit card has expired that you are using to budget with us. You can update this by logging and going to the billing section for Google Adwords found in Account > Options > Google Adwords Billing.
  • It is possible your market area needs some tweaking. Getting leads takes time, make sure that the market area you listed to us is the correct one. Make any notes about your preferences for BUYING or SELLING advertisements as well. Note: A higher budget means a higher potential for client reach.

If you are still having issues, you can report a problem through support or the ticketing system. Our email address is

Q. I haven’t gotten any emails or notifications from Client Creator. How can I fix this?

  • Please make sure you have white-listed the following email addresses:,,,
  • Check your SPAM/JUNK inboxes just in case!


  • Make sure your MOBILE PHONE NUMBER in the account information is correct.

Q. I got a lead that is WAY out of my area, maybe even in another state. Is this normal?

Chances are, the client is looking to relocate from another state or area into YOUR market. It won’t hurt to reach out to them and confirm.

This is a normal occurrence, but you may still contact us ( if you have any concerns if it continues to happen.

Q. Can I list a specific open house or property to advertise?

Absolutely! If you are unsure how to do this after watching the TUTORIALS in the Video Library, you can send any and ALL information to and we will create the listing for you. We will need pictures and a full rundown of the property. There is no extra charge.

Q. Can I change my market areas or real estate information at any time?

Yes, you can update by logging into your account and going into the Realtor Setup box, or requesting that we do it through – we will just need the updated information from you and any graphics, logos, or areas.

Q. I was billed for $$$ -- I thought this was a free trial! What happened?

Client Creator offers a free trial period for new members that sign up with our services either through RD Training or an online promotion.

The charge shown is an indication that your trial period has ended. As a subscription service, our system automatically bills for the upcoming month to secure your membership with us.


If you have received an invoice/bill from Google: This is your separate budget for marketing that is billed directly to you from them. This charge is necessary to keep your marketing going and is not packaged with your membership with Client Creator.

Q. What happens after I get a lead?

You will need to check the lead to see what the customer is looking for and contact them with any information they request. A notification of getting a lead will be sent through both email and text message.

You can find out what ad they signed up for by clicking CLIENT MANAGER in your home login screen after logging in.

It is your responsibility to follow up!

Q. The leads I have gotten do not have a phone number. How do I contact them?

Have you tried using the phone-lookup system? This unique tool in our system allows you to pull the phone number from the address lead provided if they don’t leave a phone number.

To do this, go to CLIENT MANAGER > CLICK ON CLIENT > OPTION > PHONE LOOKUP > SELECT CLIENT(S) > PROCESS SELECTED > (it can take up to 24 hours to process. You will receive an alert when they are complete.) > PHONE LOOKUP RESULTS.

If you find yourself with no phone credits, we offer the first 25 phone-lookups for free in a ONE time offer. Just click the Add-Credits option!

Q. What social media marketing do you post to? What kind of content is being posted?

As long as we have the LOGIN information to your accounts, we post to: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linked-In, and Instagram.

These are daily activity posts that give insights related to homes in a variety of subjects. Every week we post (1) paid advertisement to the social media platforms and switch off between buyer and seller content.

Q. Where is my Monday Morning Coffee newsletter?

If you haven’t activated it yet, you need to do it now! Simply login and click on Monday Morning Coffee in the main menu section and activate it. It’s free!

This newsletter will schedule on every Friday and post the following Monday if you would like to preview the contents. Make sure that you have white-listed:

Q. I’m interested in the IDX software to let my clients search for homes immediately. How can I get that?

We offer an additional monthly subscription that is WELL worth it! All you need to do is login to Client Creator, click on the IDX option in your main menu and go from there! We’ll help you handle the rest.

*Depending on the realtor board you are using, there can be extra fees applied.

Q. How do I view the email and text campaigns before I assign them?

After logging in, click the Email & Text Manager box. Click on each campaign to view the scheduled messages and days assigned to each of them.

You can personalize and make edits by clicking the pencil icon. You can even change the days that these campaigns are automatically sent out.

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